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It’s all about you

My mission as a photographer is to provide each of my clients with a totally bespoke service that brings their memories to life.  At the same time, my aim is to preserve each and every image of the day as a pictorial impression that will last forever.

As an expert in the field of wedding photography, I understand empathically that your wedding day can never be replicated; you need it to be romantic, exciting and memorable for all of the right reasons.  Because I take the time to get to know you as a couple, understand what you need and then bring it into being, you really do receive an original and pristine service with an end product that is perfectly suited to both of you.

How I work

During our first meeting, I will listen carefully to what you are looking to achieve and get to understand your exact requirements from every angle.  I can show you a mix of styles and techniques so that you can choose your preference; from traditionally classic shots through to the more modern and contemporary reportage-style.  As well as getting to know you, I will want to know all about your wedding location and whether you have any preferences for when and where the photographs are taken.  By building rapport and getting to know your personalities and aspirations for your wedding day, I can be sure of providing you with exactly what you want.

On the day

I want you to relax, enjoy your wedding day and let me take the strain when it comes to managing and taking care of all of the photography.  You will find my presence unobtrusive as I make sure that all guests feel comfortable and happy to be included in planned shots.  I create memories and then present them in a beautiful way so that you can relive your wedding long after the date has passed.  My photography is natural, discreet and unimposing.

The end result

As for the end product, you can choose from album presentations and even DVDs of images.  Each item is personalised to suit your style and personality, with the end appearance of albums and display books being tailored to suit only you; colour, fabric and design is all of your choosing.

Whether you have a wedding date already planned or are just thinking about organising the big day, get in touch now.  Let me show you exactly what I can do to make your wedding photography Essex extraordinarily special.

Testimonial Jodie Louise Delf – 5 star Highly recommend Paul Hubbard … Fantastic photographer and very professional!!! Made my day and memories from his wonderful pictures very special.

Types of Wedding Photography

There are three main types of wedding photography, traditional, contemporary and photojournalist. I can provide coverage following either style or a combination of all three. Please be aware there are many other styles and types including some that are rather unusual. There is also a great deal of cross over between styles.

Photojournalist Wedding Photography

Photojournalist wedding photography is becoming increasingly popular in the South East. The aim of a photojournalist photographer will be to photograph the events on your special day from the position of a spectator rather than a director. To do this I will not want to be intrusive and change the natural course of the day. There may not even be the need for any formal group photographs or posed portraits and I may simply stay unnoticed in the background photographing key parts of your day. You will receive a collection of artistic, creative, and fun images that will tell the story of your day. This style is very good at capturing the detail, atmosphere and emotion within the photographs. After the ceremony you will receive a wonderful storybook style album or CD covering the events as they happened. Unlike traditional photography this style will allow you to relax throughout the day as I will try and remain on the outside of the party and capture the day as naturally as possible. The benefits of this style are, you will be able to tell the story of the wedding day through pictures. The photographs will capture atmosphere and emotion with the bride, groom and guests all being photographed naturally throughout the day as people interact. There will be little need for me to direct people into a formal photo shoot.

Traditional Wedding Photography Essex

Traditional photography in itself is rather out-dated and fairly unpopular however this style should not be disregarded; parents, grandparents and perhaps the older generation will expect to see traditional family group photographs. This style of photography is designed to document the day in a formal manor. I will take great care over formally arranging posed group photographs and portrait photographs and to a large extent I will be working to a script. This type of photography has stood the test of time and will always be a classic record of your wedding day. It is also worth mentioning that a wedding after all is a formal occasion and for this style I will indeed capture your special day in a formal way. The key benefits from a traditional style set of images are, you will receive an album or CD with all the photographs you have asked for and that have been previously agreed, although this may be rather predictable it can be an attractive option. However the downsides are I will become an “official” at your wedding having to direct the bride, groom and guests. This is of course rather time consuming and ultimately you will get less time to spend enjoying your wedding day with your guests. It is also worth pointing out almost every photograph will be posed in some way. Because I will need to ask the person being photographed to look at the camera the expressions will all be much the same. It is unlikely I will be able to capture the atmosphere, fun and laughter of your special day to the same extent when compared to the photojournalist style I offer.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

It can be very difficult to quantify contemporary photography because by its definition it must be changing all the time. The downside to this style can be your images may date very quickly. What is in fashion now may not be so good next year. To produce a set of images in this style I will find locations where the backdrop and lighting are perfect for a more idealised setting for bride and groom portraiture. The end results can be stunning. These are the wedding images that will always win the awards and grab people’s attention often featuring in magazines. The major benefit of this style of photography is the feel good factor. Everybody wants to look good and possibly feature on the front cover of the next magazine, especially on your special day. The downside is it dose not really tell the story of the day or provide a true record of your wedding. The images are not always what you would like to hang on your wall and they may date quickly. This style of photography is also quite demanding in terms of time required. You will also be away from your guests for a longer period of time.

Image finish

I also offer two distinct finishes to your wedding photographs, you can go for a bright magazine style look with punchy colours and high contrast or opt for our vintage style finish which replicates old fashioned film giving a less contrasty look and adding atmosphere to each image by adding slight film grain. Our high contrast finish goes best with traditional and contemporary style photography whilst our film finish is great for photojournalist style photographs. Samples can be viewed in our galleries section.

So what should you choose?

Well before deciding take a look through our photo galleries. there are lots of different images to browse through from our various shoots throughout Essex including Chelmsford. Most couples actually go for a combination of two or three styles and usually go with the film finish. This can be discussed in detail at the pre wedding consultation.

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