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Documentary wedding videos do exactly what the name suggests, document the wedding day. I will use multiple video cameras to capture the days events as they happen. The editing will produce a film covering key parts of the wedding day. This can include the entire ceremony (a chu

rch ceremony may be 1 hour long). The video is edited using basic colour processing techniques to produce a realistic representation of the scene as it was. The video uses very little special effects or enhancements.

The downsides to a documentary style wedding video are you may end up fast-forwarding through the video to get to the action. For instance it is unlikely when showing friends you will be wanting to sit through every hymn in the ceremony. This can make the documentary style wedding video seem rather old fashioned and out of date.

The benefits are this style of wedding video will show an accurate record of your wedding day and will generally capture all the details. This can be great to look back on in many years to come to remember every part of your special day.

Cinematic Wedding Video in Essex

Cinematic wedding video’s are designed to look like a Hollywood style blockbuster movie rather than a documentary. The use of colour grading, special camera angles, quick edit cuts and dramatic music all increase the intensity and emotional impact your wedding video will have. This style of wedding video should give you that “wow” factor whilst still telling a story. The editing process may even change the chronological order of the days events to produce drama and anticipation in the final video. Usually the cinematic wedding video will be shorter in the length when compared to the documentary video helping to produce a more watchable movie. Hopefully this style will not give you the urge to grab the controls and press the fast-forward button.

The benefits of a cinematic wedding video in Essex would be you will receive a watchable movie that can grab the emotions and impact with drama and excitement. There are really no downsides to this style of wedding video it is more a case you either love them or hate them. Please see our sample clips.

Please take a look at our wedding video samples page. We also offer wedding photography packages too.

Testimonial: Jane Murphy 5 Star were especially delighted with the wedding video. I know as parents we’re probably biased, but we really think it is outstanding. We were blown away by the skilled and conscientious filming and the fact that the cameraman was so unobtrusive on the day. A truly professional piece of work; which has created a beautiful memento of an amazing day.

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