I became interested in people photography & videography working at various studios, predominantly in Cambridge. It was then, that I covered my first wedding and loved it…the challenge, the energy, the fun of the day, it was great! I knew then, that I had found my passion. Fast forward 10 years, 500 weddings and many hours of training and I now run Paul Hubbard Photo & Video. Paul Hubbard Photography & Video offer wedding photography, wedding videography and the option to combine the two services.

My approach is down to earth and individual to each couple, ensuring both yourselves and your guests can relax and feel stress free on your wedding day. After all, that is what weddings are all about!

I deal with all my clients personally, from the booking stage, right through to product delivery, building a great relationship with trust and ensuring your requirements are fully met. My aim is to provide you with a selection of images and/or video footage that is unique and personal to you ensuring great memories of your special day. Working together, I shall record the beauty, the love, the story, and all the emotions of your big day. Its about you, your venue, your loved ones, your surroundings and your emotions and I will work with you to capture these in a fun and artistic way.

Please take some time to look through my website and feel free to contact me at any time.

Paul Hubbard BSc Hons, WPJA, LMPA, LBIPP, LRPS, LSWPP.

Wedding Photography Qualifications & Experience

Don't settle for anything less, wedding photography qualifications & experience combined give assurance and guarantees. You wouldn't ask a gas engineer to change your boiler just because he or she knows how. You would source a professional gas engineer who has the relevant qualifications. Why gamble with your wedding day by employing an unqualified photographer.

Over the past few years (since the recession) many so called wedding photographers have emerged and freely promote themselves as professional. We have heard comments like “why do I need qualifications when I can take a good photo” and “I gave up on getting qualified because it was a waste of time” or even worse “why do I need qualifications when Im recommended at wedding venues”. If when you enquire with a wedding photographer they reply with statements like these my advice would be to steer clear. Taking good photographs is the most important thing but why invest in someone who has not met the qualification standards set out by the UK photography bodies or simply does not have the professional drive to do so. Its a risk you simply do not need to take.

As a professional wedding photographer I pride myself on meeting the high standards set out by the UKs professional photography bodies. To present a panel of work and pass through the assessments proves I have a level of skill deemed acceptable to be a professional wedding photographer. This is based on a UK and world standard. Not only are my technical skills such as lighting control, composition, communication and presentation at the highest level, my business has also been put through its paces and assessed. The examining boards look very closely at any business going through the qualification process ensuring a high level of customer service is in place. Our contractual agreements with clients have also been checked ensuring we operate a fair and legal business. We also have to adhere to a set of qualities set out by the governing bodies to ensure our business is being run professionally much like a code of conduct. Anyone photographing weddings that does not hold a formal qualification simply does not need to meet any of the above criteria. Will you receive good customer care? will you be entering into a fair contractual agreement? are you guaranteed to receive high quality photographs? There is certainly a higher risk you may be one of the unfortunate couples who suffer from unqualified wedding photographers.

This is your special day and yes the most important thing when selecting a professional photographer is to look at his or her photographs. But taking a great photograph does not guarantee you are putting your faith into a strong well run business. Neither does it guarantee your chosen wedding photographer has the skill and ability to capture you special day to a level that is accepted as professional within the industry.

It always baffles me why you wouldn't want to gain the qualifications that represent the best in the industry. Surely as a professional wedding photographer you would want to be recognised and aspire to a level enabling you to gain the relevant qualifications. In booking me as your professional wedding photographer you can have confidence not only in viewing my sample photographs, but also in my professional attitude towards running my business.

Below are the qualifications, recognition & experience I hold:

BSc Hons
10 years experience photographing over 600 weddings across the UK

BSc Hons Degree level qualification with 50% in business management.

DipPP Diploma in professional photography.

WPJA The Wedding Photojournalist Association, I currently hold international recognition in wedding photojournalism using natural light, no flash guns and capturing the moments as they happen. Great for un intrusive photo coverage on your special day.

MPA The Master Photographers Association (MPA) is THE qualifying body for professional photographers. Established in 1952, the Master Photographers Association (MPA) are one of the longest standing photographic associations in British history.

BIPP qualification is world recognised, BIPP Qualifications are a benchmark of excellence and reflects experience, skill and achievement.

SWPP The SWPP is one of the worlds largest organisations for pro wedding & portrait photographers.

RPS The Royal Photographic Society exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential. It has an international membership. The Society also acts as a public advocate for photography and photographers.

My 10 year experience as a wedding photographer has meant I've been lucky to enjoy capturing over 600 couples special day across many varied venues throughout the UK. This experience combined with qualifications guarantee a level of professionalism that ensures the highest quality of service and products. Don't settle for anything less.